Brett news: Middle-aged white Brexit supporters labelled as ’GAMMON’ | UK | News


The term has become increasingly popular since the Brexit referendum and has racked up nearly 40,000 tweets over the last 24 hours.

‘Gammon’ is believed to have first been used as an insult by viewers on the BBC’s popular Thursday night hit, Question Time back in 2016.

People have reacted with fury over the term ‘gammon’, with one commentator saying: “The Marxists have realised how boring and unimpressive their really long words are, so this is their latest development, saying ‘gammon’ repeatedly.

“They have lost touch with reality.”

Another person slammed the phrase saying: “The Remoaners failed at the polls, so hey! Let’s try ridicule.”

Matt Zarb-Cousin, former spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn, defined the term gammon as: ″An older men who, despite having all the opportunities that baby boomers enjoyed, are confused and angry at the modern world.

“It’s a condition that once manifested itself as an affinity to UKIP, but now more so to high blood pressure and a red meat complexion.

“Baldness is optional, as are dodgy tattoos, and the uniform of the gammon is boot-cut jeans, loafers and an open-collared white polyester shirt.”

In an opinion piece in yesterday’s Times Lucy Fletcher wrote: “Gammon was last seen on dining tables in the 1970s, often crowned with a slice of withered pineapple.

“Now it’s back on the menu as the insult of choice among the Corbynite left — and it provides a key insight into the psychology of the Labour leader’s outriders.”

Last week, DUP MP Emma Little Pengelly tweeted she was “appalled” by the term, which she suggests is “based on skin colour and age”.

She said: I’m appalled by the term “gammon” now frequently entering the lexicon of so many (mainly on the left) & seemingly be accepted.

“This is a term based on skin colour & age – stereotyping by colour or age is wrong no matter what race, age or community.

“It is just wrong.”

Political journalist, Adam Bienkov, fired back saying there was no “disadvantage to being an angry old man with pink cheeks”.

He tweeted: No “gammon” is not a racial slur.

“Nobody has ever been abused in the street, denied service or threatened with deportation because they’re an angry old white man with cheeks like two slices of Wiltshire.”

A new parody Twitter account called Gammon Points has started to blast gammon.

One tweet read: “Stop getting so angry about a twitter account mocking bigoted weirdos and get mad at the actual bigoted weirdos who abuse human beings.”

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