'Men LOVE it': Kylie Minogue reveals her unusual dating seduction tip


The pop princess was in London to launch her new range of eyewear with Specsavers – and she admitted to being nervous about her fashion choices when dating a new man.

Remembering previous first dates the star, who is now engaged, said: ?When you first meet a guy and as a lady you go to the dinner date and you?re kind of like ?oh ok there?s the menu?, you pull out your glasses and you?re not sure how it?s going to go down?

?And you think ?I?ll just pop my glasses on? ? I tell you, they love it. They do like it!?

Kylie is a longtime wearer of glasses, and was inspired to design the range thanks to her vast personal collection of eyewear.

Revealing the inspiration behind her range, she said: ?I?ve absolutely loved designing this collection.

?I?ve really tried to inject my personality into the collection, and for me that means functional-daytime-but-still-fabulous glasses, which can transition to a dinner date or an evening show.?

However despite basing the collection on her fabulous wardrobe, Kylie did admit that not all of the range is for her.

She said: ?There are a couple (of pairs) that don?t suit me at all, but I wanted to include styles that suit other people, for example a broader pair that I look ridiculous in.?

Discussing who she would most like to be seen wearing her eyewear line, Kylie opted for a surprising choice.

She said: ?The Queen of England – that would be amazing!

?Imagine if she trotted out wearing a pair, I would be speechless.?

As well as actual royalty, Kylie took inspiration from “Hollywood icons” when finalising her designs.

She said: “I think if you are ever stuck, the golden era of Hollywood is a good place to go back to for reference points, because it was beautiful and classic and things were well made.”

However, the person whose taste Kylie trusts most is herself – partly because she had to learn to style herself from an early age thanks to being so small.

She said: “I learnt at an early age the basics of contructing clothing. I would go to the local market with two bucks and come back with a bunch of stuff.

“I guess it was out of necessity because that’s all I had, but I did enjoy finding these pieces and then altering them so they would fit me because I was the tiniest kid on the block.”

The Kylie Eyewear collection launches in Specsavers on 14th February 2017. Prices start from ?99 for two pairs.

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