The Leisure Seeker film review: Ingredients were there but something went horribly wrong | Films | Entertainment


Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland are Ella and John Spencer, a retired American couple who steal away from their grown-up children to enjoy one last adventure in their mobile home.

With this pair behind the wheel, you expect fizzing chemistry and barrels of gentle laughs but Virzì has an ace up his sleeve: Ella has terminal cancer and John has dementia, a set-up that should throw buckets of tears into the mix.

Their destination is the home of Ernest Hemingway in Key West but this was always going to be about the journey and on the way they tangle with hoodlums, gate-crash a wedding and get caught up in a Donald Trump rally.

Sutherland and Mirren spark nicely in quieter moments but the plot meanders, the jokes fall fl at and the finale, a grim scene in a caravan park, just leaves you feeling sad.

The ingredients were there but something went horribly wrong in the oven.

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